Team View

Team view shows you what each team member is doing at any given time.

It shows all the future tasks (tasks that aren't done), where each task is colored according to the person who owns it.

You'll notice this view only shows tasks that contain no sub-tasks. That is, tasks that that are actual work. If you select a task you can see its ancestors in the title area above:

No sub-tasks.png

Not all editing operations are available in Team View. It's intended to be more for reading than for writing. Switch over to any other view if you want rename tasks, connect them, etc.


  • Pan by dragging.
  • Up/Down move through the tasks in vertical order.
  • Ctrl & +/- change the horizontal time resolution (i.e. how wide tasks appear). 
  • Double Click on a task to switch over to Duration View and focus on it. PageUp does the same thing.
  • PageDn on a task to go inside this task in Duration View (e.g. to add sub-tasks).

Grouping by Goals

If you define any task as a project goal

and see which tasks are left for each goal to be reached:

What's next for me?

A common use for team view is to see what just one person (e.g. you) needs to be doing next. By selecting only this person in the timeline below you can see what's next for this person:


See Team View in action in the following two-minute video:

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